Investment Objective

TB Sunridge seeks to identify business and investment opportunities across multiple areas in the CryptoAsset space to produce enhanced returns for our investors.    

TB Sunridge is a vertically integrated platform, utilizing investment strategies across different asset classes. Specifically, in mining, trading, technology development, branding and security. 


 We seek strategic partnerships where we can provide expertise and capital to enhance businesses at various stages of evolution. Our expertise spans multiple disciplines and industries over many years. 

We utilize decades of experience in risk management and trading to provide innovative solutions for exposure and hedging to CryptoAsset prices. The unique nature of the fundamental underlying in a CryptoAsset can provide significantly enhanced returns to traditional asset classes.   


The CryptoAsset space is a rapidly expanding, exciting, new technology that is in uncharted territory, providing explosive growth for the foreseeable future. 

Please get in touch if you feel there is an opportunity to discuss. 

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