TB Sunridge Advisors is an independent registered investment advisor (CRD 295507).
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Registered Investment Advisor for Digital Assets

TB Sunridge Advisors manages a suite of private placement funds that provide turn-key, US-compliant investment into digital assets for institutions and accredited & qualified investors. The funds are designed to provide diversification and increase uncorrelated returns in the alternative investment space.

TB Sunridge Bitcoin Fund LP is managed by TB Sunridge Advisors. For more information and offering documents for funds that TB Sunridge Advisors provides investment advice to, please click here.

US Compliant

Compliance and fiduciary duty to our clients are fundamental core values and have been since the company’s inception.  TB Sunridge Advisors developed proprietary policies to become one of the first investment advisors with registration approval that specifically includes Digital Assets. 


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“Traditional Investment Discipline” refers to portfolios built on the strategic allocation of assets such as stocks and bonds as a way of balancing risk. The framework uses a regulated methodology of holding and managing customer assets that are commonly employed for stocks, bonds, and alternative investments.


While Digital Asset Management is a relatively new investment class, the team at TB Sunridge Advisors has a long history of institutional investing and client relationship management. TB Sunridge Advisors’ expertise developed from its principals’ extensive history of portfolio management.

Our internal team of researchers works closely with leading financial economists and practitioners to identify opportunities. Our portfolio managers seek to balance costs against expected returns and diversification.

Matt Tunney



Matt serves as CEO of TB Sunridge Advisors and integrates Digital Assets into the traditional regulatory landscape to capture potential long term growth for clients. Matt brings 18 years of experience, including managing financial portfolios at JPMorgan and Credit Suisse, as well as at commodities companies where he traded and managed successful teams optimizing physical assets and financial energy products. Matt helped found and currently sits on a non-profit board for digital assets as well as several local charity organizations. Dr Tunney holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University, UK.

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  • One of the utilities of a successful distributed ledger that enables a trustless network is its immutability: once an entry is verified, it cannot be deleted or amended retroactively. Blockchains are one such example that we will focus on. To achieve this key requirement, there are several verification methods available. One is to require there to be a “cost” of adding/modifying information to the ledger. To the extent that the cost of maliciously changing entries is uneconomical, this makes a ledger secure and deters malicious intent and contributions. Typical examples of this method are Proof of Work (POW) and Proof of Stake (POS)…read more

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  • Ever since globalization accelerated after the second world war, global financial institutions have had an ever-increasing need to transfer monetary instruments and currencies cross borders as seamlessly as possible. The first truly global payment system was set up almost fifty years ago by 239 banks in fifteen countries that established a common standard for messaging between banks, called SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). This system of communication is still the de facto leader in international financial transactions, with an average of over 34 million messages per day in 2018 covering 11,000 financial institutions and transferring approximately $5 trillion per day…read more

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  • Virtually every aspect of our lives has become digitized. Thanks to the internet, access to everyday things — like books, music, newspapers, and more — are readily available at our fingertips. In the COVID-19 era especially, we have become more reliant on the internet to accomplish work and stay connected…read more

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  • Fiduciary responsibility to clients is of the utmost importance to RIAs. Clients rely on advisors to strengthen and secure their financial wellbeing and, through methods such as portfolio allocation and rebalancing, RIAs help them feel safer in their futures…read more

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