The Future of Digital Assets

Virtually every aspect of our lives has become digitized. Thanks to the internet, access to everyday things — like books, music, newspapers, and more — are readily available at our fingertips. In the COVID-19 era especially, we have become more reliant on the internet to accomplish work and stay connected. Twenty years ago, we never...
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A “Proof of” Summary

Introduction: One of the utilities of a successful distributed ledger that enables a trustless network is its immutability: once an entry is verified, it cannot be deleted or amended retroactively. Blockchains are one such example that we will focus on. To achieve this key requirement, there are several verification methods available. One is to require...
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Interbank Transfers

Ever since globalization accelerated after the second world war, global financial institutions have had an ever-increasing need to transfer monetary instruments and currencies cross borders as seamlessly as possible. The first truly global payment system was set up almost fifty years ago by 239 banks in fifteen countries that established a common standard for messaging...
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